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Disy Electro Full Version washing station - QLEEN



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QLEEN Disy Electro Full Version

QLEEN Disy Electro Full Version is a mobile set from the Disy series for washing glass surfaces, facades, roof surfaces, photovoltaic modules with demineralized water.
A feature of this device is the ability to wash without a lift, ladder or scaffolding.

The ion-exchange filter used converts tap water into demineralized water on an ongoing basis, which, as a result, prevents streaks or stains on the washed surface. A great advantage of washing with demineralized water is the application of an anti-static coating, which will allow you to extend the subsequent cleaning process.
The equipment of the device: among other things, a water pump and a set of remote control give additional benefits.
Water pump, performs two tasks:
* raising the water column up to 21m.
* drawing water from the substituted tank. This item is especially needed when performing cleaning operations with no access to a water intake and the possibility of sucking water from a substituted tank.
The device is also equipped with an additional detergent pump, which allows pre-washing and removal of heavy long-lasting dirt, including ammonia, sulfur, algae, tree resin or even aggressive bird droppings. The pump is controlled by a manual potentiometer, on which we can set the appropriate amount of liquid feed, thereby obtaining the appropriate effect of the performed operation and saving the amount of chemical feed. Also built in is a remote control set, which allows you to completely take control of the rotary brushes from the remote control, and exactly turn them on and off, as well as change the rotation speed. The equipment includes a cylinder filled with resin pellets, a built-in EC meter to control the input and output of water, and 4 wheels that allow it to be transported vertically as well as horizontally, giving it a great advantage over equipment in this class on the market.

* automation with a display measuring the current state of the resin
* rotary brush movement remote control kit
* rotary brush pulse power supply,
* unit pulse power supply,
* demineralized water feed/pump
* chemical feed/pump
* handheld water test meter,
* resin pellet filter 25

* height of the device 111 cm
* depth of the device 57 cm
* width of the device 77 cm
* weight of the device 90 kg
* power supply voltage 230 V
* maximum working height of the operator 21m

In addition to the device at your own choice or with our help, you can purchase a set of booms, flat brushes, rotary brushes for the appropriate cleaning surfaces and other accessories available in our offer.
free tank.

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