LEWI Replacement wiper soft rubber, 55 cm
  • LEWI Replacement wiper soft rubber, 55 cm

Soft rubber 55 cm replacement for squeegees - Lewi

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LEWI Replacement soft wiper rubber:

  • Length: 55 cm
  • Sealed in plastic bag
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Soft replacement rubbers for squeegees

Length 55cm

The product is dedicated to squeegees and washers made by Lewi Polska. Replacement rubbers are specially molded and vulcanized. Reliable with a long service life, they clean without leaving streaks. Available in two different hardnesses, the choice of which depends on the ambient temperature (warm - hard rubber, cold - soft rubber). Lehmann KG's robust and durable materials guarantee comfortable use and long life. High-quality material will guarantee perfectly clean windows without streaks.

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