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Promotional kit for cleaning photovoltaics, windows - Purastart E


PURASTART E Promotional Kit

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PURASTART E Promotional Kit

Water demineralisation system on a trolley with a 25l. filter filled with resin granules, automatic measurement of the quality of the outgoing water, a 25-metre water hose, with a high-performance pump for drawing in water from a tank or a domestic connection. Thanks to the built-in module, the unit works with any rotary brush and can be controlled by the included remote control.

The height of the surface cleaning depends on the operating pressure of the water intake, but nevertheless up to a maximum of 10 metres.

Kit includes:

  • Modern manoeuvrable trolley for field transpor
  • Water demineralising filter 25l
  • Built-in remote management module for rotary brushe
  • High-performance pump allowing water to be drawn from a supplied tank
  • Automatic water metering system
  • Aluminium pole 6 pieces up to a height of 10 metres
  • Rotaqleen Classic 60 cm rotary brush for cleaning photovoltaic modules

Set designed for cleaning various types of surfaces. Qleen's top-quality booms, ion exchange filter and rotary brush are a revolutionary combination that can handle any long-lasting dirt at heights. Qleen systems are characterised by the use of an ion exchange filter, which demineralises the water. Through this process, your surfaces are covered with an anti-static coating that will ensure that the next process of surface soiling is extended.

The set is equipped with stable poles, which, compared to telescopic rods, do not have the effect of a rod, and the washing operator performs his work in a much more favourable and safer way.

You can choose poles, rods, brushes or other accessories from our range for the system individually or with our help.

Professional cleaning at a height of 10 metres without streaks, drips and the use of ladders and lifting equipment.

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