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  • LEWI Set - telescope bar 4x400cm + t-beam component 55 cm

Icicle removal kit 2x200 - Lewi

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  • Bar 2x200 cm = 400 cm
  • Aluminum handle 45 cm wide

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LEWI Icicle removal kit.
  • Rod 2x200 cm = 400 cm
  • 45 cm wide aluminum handle


The outer tube is rolled, molded, structured and welded. This guarantees high durability. The fitted sliding element at the end of the inner tube is molded so that it repeats the inner structure of the outer tube. This prevents the connected parts from twisting - this is LEWI's tried-and-true rigid connection.
Unlike with ordinary rods, LEWI's stable and strong tubes make it possible to work under high pressure. Also when the device is slanted or twisted, the rods do not twist. This makes it possible to work reliably and quickly. The rods are locked with an external lock.

Compatibility with Lewi Poland's telescopic rods increases the device's range up to 16 meters. Thanks to the rods with rolled tubes and poles, you will be able to reach the most inaccessible places and clean any surface easily and comfortably. Ergonomic handles, full length adjustment, solid and durable materials from Lehmann KG guarantee comfortable use and long life.

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