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Mobile reverse osmosis washing station - Qleen Disy RO


QLEEN Disy RO reverse osmosis.

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QLEEN Disy RO reverse osmosis

Mobile set for washing photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic farms, glass surfaces, facades and roof surfaces with demineralized water. The device is equipped with a reverse osmosis (RO) filter for demineralization of water.
It is possible to work with ROTAQLEEN Classic and Vario rotary brushes - the most advanced washing brush on the market!

Reverse Osmosis System - operation of 4 filters.
Water demineralization starts with a pre-filter, then passes through 2 membrane filters, and thanks to an additional resin granule filter (resin) reaches 0 μS (microsiemens), i.e. perfect water purity/demineralization.

Thanks to the properties of (Osmotic, deionized demineralized water), the washed surface of photovoltaic panels, glass surfaces and others, has a neutral electrostatic charge, preventing the surface from getting dirty again (stays clean longer), does not attract dirt, does not leave streaks.

* automation with a display that measures the current state of the resin
* remote control kit for the movement of the rotary brush
* pulse power supply for the rotary brush,
* pulse power supply for the device,
* handheld water test meter,
* set of filters.

* height of the device 111 cm
* depth of the device 57 cm
* width of the device 77 cm
* weight of the device 90 kg
* power supply voltage 230 V
* maximum working height of the operator 21m

In addition to the device at your own choice or with our help, you can purchase a set of extension arms, flat brushes, rotary brushes for appropriate washing surfaces and other accessories available in our offer.

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