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Demineralizing system, base station - Qleen Purastart E



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Demineralizing system with built-in battery module and control system for rotary brushes on a cart with a 25l. bottle filled with resin granules, automatic measurement of the quality of the outgoing water and a water hose of 25 meters. The maximum height of surface cleaning depends on the working pressure in the water intake, but nevertheless up to a maximum of 12 meters.

Set without equipment of rods and brushes.

The set is designed for cleaning various types of surfaces. Qleen's top-quality booms, ion-exchange filter and water pump are a revolutionary combination that can handle any long-lasting dirt at heights. Purastart E systems are characterized by the use of an ion exchange filter that demineralizes the water. Thanks to this process, your surfaces are covered with an anti-static coating to ensure cleanliness for longer. With rolled tube rods and poles, you'll be able to reach the hardest to reach places and clean any surface easily and comfortably. Qleen's ergonomic handles, full length adjustment, solid and durable materials guarantee comfortable use and long life. An additional advantage is the built-in control set for rotary brushes and acumultor, which in combination will give faster, more accurate and not dependent on electricity to perform cleaning operations.

For the system individually or with our help you can choose poles, rods, brushes or other accessories from our offer.

Professional cleaning at a height of 12 meters without streaks, stains and the use of ladders and lifts.

The possibility of spreading the cost of 0% installments

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