Brush with ultra soft bristles for cleaning windows, glass 25cm- LEWI

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LEWI Washing brush with soft bristles.

  • Brush length 25cm
  • Thread diameter in the brush ¼ inch
  • Possibility to install a water telescopic rod
  • Purpose: glass, smooth surfaces.

Brush with ultra-soft bristles for cleaning windows, glass, glass, scratch-sensitive surfaces. It was made of plastic and mixed bristles. Built-in brass thread R 1⁄4″ allows to work with water telescopic rods. Thus increasing the range of the device up to 16 meters. The brush is designed for cleaning sensitive surfaces to scratches. Allows you to easily and comfortably clean the plane, remove the most difficult dirt without scratching the washing surface. High-quality bristles, sturdy telescopic arms and a special cleaning technique guarantee pristine clean surfaces without streaks.

At Lewi Polska you will find specialized tools to get rid of dirt and avoid irregularities in care.

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