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QLEEN Profi Two Innovative compact mobile set from the PROFI series for washing photovoltaic modules with demineralized water.
The feature of this device is rich equipment min. two pumps remote control set and batteries with charger allowing to work in the field without connecting to the mains and the possibility of charging them during the activities.
Unlike our other solutions, this device can be managed many functions both from the position of the built-in desktop, but also directly from the remote control.

The built-in Water Pump performs two tasks,

  • raising the water column up to 21 meters
  • drawing water from a substituted tank. This position is especially needed when performing cleaning operations with no access to a water intake and the ability to suck water from a substituted tank.

The device is also equipped with an additional detergent pump, which allows pre-washing and removal of heavy long-term dirt, including ammonia, sulfur, algae or bird droppings. The pump is controlled by a manual potentiometer, on which we can set the appropriate amount of liquid feed, thereby obtaining the appropriate effect of the performed operation and saving on chemicals.
The remote control set will allow full wireless control of the control of rotary brushes, including turning them on and off, changing the rotation of left / right. In addition, activation of water and detergent feeding will also be done from the remote position.

In addition, the equipment includes a bottle with resin granules 25l., mounted 3 wheels that allow vertical transport and a water meter through which we can check the amount of water used.

In addition, a set of booms, brushes and other accessories from our offer can be individually selected for the system.

Equipment of the device:

  • 24V battery - 2 pcs.
  • a set that charges the batteries during operation of the system
  • remote control (remote control), rotary brushes, water pump, detergent pump
  • pump for pumping water
  • pump for pumping chemicals
  • 40mb double hose with reel,
  • display with current resin measurement,
  • 25l. bottle with resin pellets
  • built-in water meter

Precursor mobile sets designed for cleaning various types of surfaces. Qleen's top-quality booms, ion-exchange filter and built-in detergent pump are a revolutionary combination that can handle any long-lasting dirt at altitude. You don't have to worry about not having access to water - the built-in pump will draw it from any tank. Qleen systems are characterized by the use of an ion filter that demineralizes the water on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this process, your surfaces are covered with an anti-static coating to ensure cleanliness for longer. With rolled tube rods and poles, you will be able to reach the hardest to reach places and clean any surface easily and comfortably. Professional cleaning at a height of several meters without streaks, stains and the use of a ladder and lifts. Ergonomic handles, full length adjustment, solid and durable materials from Lehmann KG guarantee comfortable use and long life.

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Data sheet

Length of the device (cm)
Supply voltage (V)
24, optionally 230
Detergent cleaning
Running water cleaning
Demineralized water cleaning
Elevations (plaster) cleaning, glass facades cleaning, billboards cleaning, photovoltaics systems cleaning, flat solar panels cleaning, roofs cleaning, bus stops cleaning, big vehicles cleaning
Amount of feed water [m]

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Profi Two Mobile photovoltaic cleaning station - Qleen


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