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QLEEN Disy Solar is a mobile basic set from the Disy series for washing, photovoltaic modules with demineralized water. The feature of this device is to perform washing operations without a lift, ladder or scaffolding. The iono exchangeable filter used converts tap water into demineralized water on an ongoing basis, which results in the avoidance of any streaks or stains on the washed surface. A great advantage of washing with demineralized water is the application of an anti-static coating, which will allow the next dirt process to be extended.

Appropriate equipment min. water pump and remote control set give additional benefits. The water pump, performs two tasks:

  • raising the water column up to 21m.
  • Drawing water from the substituted tank. This item is especially needed when performing washing operations with no access to the water intake and the possibility of sucking water from the substituted tank.

The solution with a view to application for washing solar modules has been deprived of the detergent pump, which does not affect its functionality and application for the service of the photovoltaic industry.

Also built in is a remote control kit, which allows you to completely take control of the rotary brushes from the remote control, and more specifically, to turn them on and off and change the rotation of the left-right. On the equipment there is a cylinder filled with resin pellets, built-in EC meter to control the input and output of water, and mounted 4 wheels that allow transport vertically as well as horizontally, which gives a great advantage over devices in this class on the market.

Equipment of the device:

  • 1 x automation with a display measuring the current state of the resin
  • 1 x single hose - 40m.
  • 1 x hose reel
  • 1 x manual water test meter,
  • 1 x resin pellet bottle 25l.

Precursor mobile sets designed for cleaning various types of surfaces. Qleen's top-quality booms, ion-exchange filter and built-in detergent pump are a revolutionary combination that can handle any long-lasting dirt at altitude. You don't have to worry about not having access to water - the built-in pump will draw it from any tank.

Qleen systems are characterized by the use of an ion-exchange filter that demineralizes the water. Thanks to this process, your surfaces are covered with an anti-static coating to ensure cleanliness for longer.

Cleaning windows with RotaQleen by Lehmann brushes is fast, safe, but above all, easy work. High-quality bristles, sturdy telescopic arms, an ion-exchange filter that demineralizes water and a special cleaning technique guarantee spotlessly clean surfaces without streaks. The rotating motion of the brushes will tackle any type of dirt. The RotaQleen brushes are designed to clean glass, so they won't scratch the surface being cleaned.

Possibility to spread the cost on 0% installments

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Data sheet

The depth of the device
Supply voltage (V)
Running water cleaning
Demineralized water cleaning
Elevations (plaster) cleaning, glass facades cleaning, billboards cleaning, photovoltaics systems cleaning, flat solar panels cleaning, roofs cleaning
Amount of feed water [m]

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