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Kit for washing and snow removal of photovoltaic modules - Backpack System




QLEEN Professional kit for washing and snow removal of photovoltaic modules

Provides electric voltage 230V / 24V

Washing photovoltaics with RotaQleen brushes is a fast, safe, but above all, easy job. Rotary brushes are electric, two-module devices designed for washing glass facades, photovoltaic panels and other hard surfaces. They are characterized by a rotary mode of operation, which allows to remove the most difficult dirt without scratching the washing surface. Thanks to the appropriate weight, it does not require the force of the user. High-quality bristles and a special cleaning technique guarantee spotlessly clean surfaces without streaks.

The external backpack is an ideal solution, for small systems like PURASTART, which will allow it to work with any rotary brush in our range. It is also an option for cleaning operators who undertake work on, for example, flat large roof surfaces or in mountaineering work and appreciate having all components at hand.

Compatibility with Lewi Polska's telescopic poles or rods increases the device's reach up to 10 meters. With rolled tube rods and poles you will be able to reach the most inaccessible places and easily and comfortably clean, clear snow from any surface. Ergonomic handles, full length adjustment, solid and durable materials from Lehmann KG guarantee comfortable use and long life.

The set includes:

  • High-quality backpack with pockets and hip protection - 1 piece.
  • Rotary brush control kit - 1 pc.
  • Rechargeable battery - 1 pc.
  • Battery charger - 1 pc.
  • ROTAQLEEN Rotary brush 60 cm for photovoltaic modules - 1 pcs.
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