LEWI Washing brush with hard bristles, 30 cm
  • LEWI Washing brush with hard bristles, 30 cm

Brush for cleaning terraces, floors and stone with hard bristles 30cm - LEWI

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LEWI Washing brush with hard bristles

  • Brush length 30cm
  • Thread diameter in the brush ¼ inch
  • Possibility of installing a water telescopic rod

Brush for washing terraces, floors and stone. Made of plastic and hard bristles. Built-in R 1⁄4″ brass thread allows the brush to work with water telescopic rods. Compatibility with Lewi Poland telescopic rods increases the range of the device up to 16 meters. Thanks to the rods with rolled tubes and poles, you will be able to reach the most inaccessible places and clean any surface easily and comfortably. Ergonomic handles, full length adjustment, solid and durable materials from Lehmann KG guarantee comfortable use and long life.

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